By: Amanda Pitts


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) - Closing arguments in Nathan Carman's civil trial wrapped up Wednesday in Federal Court in Providence, and now the verdict is in the hands of the judge.

At the conclusion of closing arguments, Carman addressed the media while walking out of court, for the first time in this trial.

"This isn't about money. It's an $85,000 claim. It's a contingency fee. I get a fraction of that if I win. I’ve put lots of time, effort and, frankly, a lot of misery into this.”

The trial surrounds whether or not Carman will be raking in $85,000. He's being sued by insurance companies over that claim on his sunken boat "Chicken Pox". 

Carman says it sunk off the coast of Long Island in September of 2016 while on a fishing trip with his mother Linda. Carman was rescued at sea, his mother was never found.

Carman said outside of court that this trial is about the truth, not money.

"I almost feel like I have a responsibility to my mom to make sure the truth comes out," said Carman.

The insurance companies claim he sunk the boat on purpose. Throughout the trial, they've tried to prove that by calling expert witnesses to the stand, like the previous owner of the boat, Brian Woods.

"The boat was an excellent boat. Ultimately, he sank the boat," said Woods outside of court.

Carman's aunts believe he sank the boat to get rid of his mother. They also claim he's responsible for the death of his grandfather back in 2013. Carman could inherit millions from his grandfather's estate.

Attorneys for the insurance companies have tried to prove that Carman's story about that day at sea is a lie, from the repairs, to where he says it sank.

"Mr. Farrell and the insurers, BoatUS, Berkshire Hathaway, National Fire Liability made claims against me that are so tremendous I don't feel like I could walk away from them. That's why I'm here, I'm not here about the money," added Carman.

The judge will deliver a written verdict in a few weeks.

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