By: Tim Studebaker

MATUNUCK, R.I. (WLNE) – The streets of Matunuck were lined with surfboards Thursday afternoon as the combination of winds, waves, and sunny weather made for decent surfing conditions.

Surfer David Walsh says, "Look at the wind conditions, look at the swell conditions and make your choice.  Every surfer is a mini meteorologist."

As Dorian moves up the coast, that has surfers like Brian Canova out on the waves.  He's from Massachusetts, but lives in California now.

Canova says, "It kind of stinks to get skunked, so hurricane season's a good time to come back and know you're going to get some waves."

As high tide approached early Thursday afternoon, the waves in Matunuck really weren't all that impressive just yet.  That’s expected to change over the next couple of days as the center of Dorian passes offshore.

Along with the high surf Friday and Saturday, comes an increased risk of rip currents.  If you're planning to go in the water, make sure you know how to escape from one.

Any time there's talk of storms, whether offshore or not, and the big waves that come along with those storms, the attention also turns to some of the homes and businesses right up against the water's edge.

Matunuck vacation homeowner Jim Kerwin says, "I forget.  It was Bob, maybe years ago?  I got pictures where the waves are going all the way up over these rocks over there.  It's pretty scary."

We’re not looking at anything quite like that this time around, but the waves should be big enough to make the surfers happy.

Canova says, "Hopefully it stays far enough offshore that it doesn't cause any damage and we just get sunny skies and heaps of waves."

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