NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) -- Crashing waves, driving rain, and gusty winds: It’s a lot for Jacob Sachs of Bellingham, Massachusetts.

“The wind is almost blowing me to the side," the young man said.

But his parents say it’s a good experience.

“My son has a bit of a fear of storms," said Justin Sachs. "So we figure the best way to get over a fear of weather is to come experience it a little bit.”

“Come see the beautiful things that Mother Nature has to offer," added Amanda Sachs.

Some here at the Narragansett wall are surprised Mother Nature is packing such a punch.

“I didn’t think it would be this windy, with the storm as far away as it is," said John Savitsky of Johnston.

The divide between those who love this weather and those who don’t can be seen when people learn that there were surfers here.

“No way," said Morgan McKeever of Cromwell, Connecticut. "That’s awesome.”

“They’re insane!” said K’Ehleyr Smith, also of Cromwell.

Officials are advising those curious about the hurricane conditions to use extreme caution.





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