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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - Rhode Island officials started anti-mosquito spraying on Sunday in four areas of the state where eastern equine encephalitis has been detected. 

Environmental and health officials said the spraying was done in the evening and overnight hours. 

The state has identified the four areas as "critical risk" locations for the disease.

The areas include Central Falls, parts of Westerly, West Warwick and northern Rhode Island near the Massachusetts towns of Uxbridge, Douglas, and Mendon.

Spraying won't be performed over bodies of water and other sensitive areas.

The state's first human case of eastern equine encephalitis since 2010 was reported last month, in a person over 50 from West Warwick.

The disease also has been found in mosquitoes in Central Falls and Westerly. 

According to the Department of Environmental Management, the spray comes down in a light mist and is not dangerous to humans or animals. 

The D.E.M. said they may need to do another round of spraying tomorrow night. 

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<"if i were outside when the spraying occurred, would not be harmed. at same time. common sense we suggest that people indoors time of spraying.">