ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) - The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has suspended the licenses for Nova Farms, LLC following the arrest of one of its owners. 

The business, also known by the name Bristol County Wellness Center, was planning to open to sell, manufacture and grow marijuana. On Friday, the commission ordered the business, located in Attleboro and Sheffield, to halt all operations following the arrest of one of its eight owners.

“The Commission takes these allegations seriously and is taking immediate action to protect against the risks of diversion and criminal elements entering the legal market,” Executive Director Shawn Collins said.

Mark Rioux, 36, was arrested on August 28 and charged by Attleboro police for conspiracy to violate drug laws in connection with a large-scale marijuana grow on Eddy Square.

Police say Rioux conspired with a number of others to obtain vacant buildings and set up illicit marijuana cultivation operations.

He plead not guilty in Attleboro District Court.

According to the commission, Rioux is an owner and partner of Nova Farms.

According to a press release from the Commission, they ordered Nova Farms to immediately quarantine and secure all marijuana and marijuana products at any stage of cultivation and production, comply with inspections, requests for information, and requests for documents and interviews, and post the Commission’s notice at both locations.

Nova Farms has 14 days to request a hearing with the agency.

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