By: Brittany Comak


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PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) - The numbers are starting to roll in from the first two weeks of the Pawtucket Public Safety Camera Program, and some may want to pump the brakes.

According to the city, there were more than 13,000 violations last week. Less than 200 of those were red light camera violations, and 10,000 of them were in school zones on Newport and Smithfield Avenues.

"This affirms the need for some kind of enforcement and change in driving culture around the areas where our children go to school," said City Councilor Meghan Kallman.

The speed cameras clock you if you're going 11 miles or more over the limit.

"Obviously it's way beyond the capacity of our police department to handle it by just writing tickets individually," said Kallman.

Those who live near Nathanel Green Elementary, where many of these violations were, were stunned to hear the number.

"You don't speed," said resident Christina Perl. "If it says 20, you go 19. You don't speed! It's all about our children."

City Councilor Timothy Rudd represents the district Nathanel Green is in.

"Extremely concerning because that's a residential neighborhood with many, many children," said Rudd.

Though the cameras are just in a probationary warning period, these violations will become very real fines for people in two weeks.

"It's a school zone," said resident Sarita Darosa. "There's children playing in the area. So I think that's a good thing they did because it's dangerous for the kids."

When the fines do start it'll be $50 for speeding in a school zone and $95 for going through a red light.

"My hope and my expectation is that the number of tickets and warnings does go down as people get used to the new enforcement that is occurring there," said Kallman. "And that we also realize that this is for the good of our kids. Our kids walk to school on these streets."












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