For the first time, Hasbro Children's Hospital is relying on full–time help from therapy dogs to serve patients and their families.

It's only been about four months since Stephanie Bibeau's 18–month old son Brody passed away from leukemia. “We fought and fought but it kept coming back in different spots, “ says Stephanie.

This past May, mother's day weekend doctors here at Hasbro Children's Hospital told Stephanie, her husband and her other three children Brody didn’t have much time left. “To have it be your child, your baby, there's really nothing you can do, “ adds Stephanie.

A traumatic experience was made a little better with the help of man's best friend. Nemo is one of Hasbro's full time certified therapy dogs. His very first case was comforting the Bibeau family.

Tara Brown is a nurse practioner at Hasbro and Nemo's handler. He walks the hallways of the hospital's pediatric palliative care unit, trained to see the signs a patient is in need. “Sometimes they need some extra time and support so Nemo will lay in bed with them and sometimes physical therapy so we will take a walk together, “ says Tara Brown.

That's what Nemo did for Brody, laying in bed with him for hours up until his death. For mom Stephanie, Nemo's physical touch helped not only her baby, but her three other children. “He spent the whole Saturday with us on Brody's last day, he helped the kid's greatly, “ says Stephanie.

Since Brody's passing... the relationship with Nemo has only gotten stronger. The family stopping by Hasbro every now and then to visit and Nemo still knows exactly who they are.

With just a kiss on the cheek and a wag of the tail, Nemo is helping families in need at the most devastating time in their lives. “Animals just get it in a way that we don't know. Sometimes humans try too hard to fix situations but animals don't need words to make you feel better, “ adds Brown.