PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – A 4-year-old girl is recovering after she was shot while sleeping in her bed.


According to Providence Police, crews were called to 124 Regent Avenue Friday morning around 2 a.m. for a report of a juvenile shot.


Police say the landlord of the multi-family home was cleaning his shotgun from a floor above where the girl lived when he allegedly accidentally discharged his gun.


The bullet went through the floor and into the room where 4-year-old Kamila Azuri was sleeping. Her family was woken up when they heard a loud boom from the gunshot.


"My mother had woken up and she barged in thinking that the baby had fallen, and she instantly grabbed her," said Kamila's older sister Karla Azuri.


It took a moment for the family to process what had happened.


"All I saw when I woke up was a lot of fog and pieces around the room," said Azuri.


When the dust cleared, the family saw a tennis ball-sized hole in the ceiling. 


"It was clearly a gunshot," said Azuri.


A pellet from the shotgun blast grazed the left side of Kamila's chest.


"My mom had the baby and they were checking her and saw that she was bleeding," said Azuri. "When they lifted up her shirt they saw she had the injury."


Kamila was rushed to Roger Williams Hospital and then transferred to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. She was treated and released Friday afternoon. 


"We are so fortunate that we didn't have a tragedy out of this accident," said Maj. David Lapatin with Providence Police.


The family no longer feels safe in the house and is looking for a new place to live.


"I'm traumatized," said Azuri. "I can replay that scene over and over again in my head."


The family's landlord, 22-year-old Lisandro Vicario Rodriguez, was arrested and faces four charges. Those charges include battery, criminal negligence, and firing in a compact area.


Rodriguez is also being charged with concealing a felony, because he asked Kamila's parents not to report his crime to authorities.


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