PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) - A new policy being proposed by the Trump administration would cut back on benefits for millions of low-income families across the country, and thousands here in Rhode Island.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, if the proposal goes through, more than 11,000 people in the state, 5,000 of them children, are at risk of losing their SNAP benefits.

The Trump administration's new policy change proposes those with a gross income of over $16,000 per person, or those with $2,250 in assets, would no longer qualify.

The department said the change would affect 7% of the state's benefit population. According to their analysis, 52% of households impacted include children, and 25% include an elderly or disabled person.

"Food stamp for me is very important because I have three little kids, two in the school," said Providence resident Simon Vasquez.

Vasquez, a husband and father of three, has lived and worked in Providence for the past 34 years. He relies on his SNAP benefits to support his family.

"Oh, if I lost it, I'd feel very sad, because we have difficulty to get food cause I don't have enough money to pay the rent, electricity, food, and I have three little kids."

Many others are in the same boat.

"I lose my food stamps, it's gonna be hard cause the income in my household is just less than, and to be enough, that means we're gonna lose everything. I'm grateful for the government to support low-income people with the food," said Alphonse Mapunezi of Providence.

The department said, if the administration goes forward with the change, they ask that states get to apply their own restrictions.

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