PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- Fall is in the air, and a magical tradition is off to a spooky start.

The Jack–O–Lantern Spectacular is expected to bring 125,000 people to Roger Williams Park Zoo.

"I carve pumpkins like crazy too," said Jill Amorin, of Tiverton. "So it's fun to see what they do, and what I do at home."

Amorin and her five-year-old daughter Kasey are exactly who the carvers here are hoping to reach, as they turn tens of thousands of pumpkins into works of art.

"We are able to connect with children in a medium that inspires and excites them," said George Nickolopoulos, who's been carving pumpkins at the event for 16 years. "But we also present an opportunity for their parents to teach them about things."

He and his fellow carvers are creating intricate designs depicting people, animals, and events.

"What I'm most excited about is I think the artistry has gotten to a level that we've never seen before in the show," Nickolopoulos said.

This year's theme is the four seasons.

But there are also jack–o-lanterns depicting people lost this year -- including Nick Cardi and Doris Day -- and messages about conserving endangered species.

"I think you can learn something from the story, you can lose your imagination in the story," said Diane Nahabedian of the Roger Williams Park Zoo. "But you walk down the trail and I think you sort of forget for a little while, everything else that's going on."

The event runs through November 3rd.


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