By: Brittany Comak


Twitter: @BComakABC6

BARRINGTON, R.I. (WLNE) - A church in Barrington is searching for answers after someone walked off with centuries-old silver that they use for their daily services.

Four items were taken from St. John's Episcopal Church in total: two ciboriums, and a chalice and paten.

It was Wednesday morning following a church service when rector Patrick Greene says he first realized something was wrong.

"We realized that things were a little bit odd," explained Greene. "The silver hadn't been there but the linens that went on top of them were there like they had been set up."

The silver items had been set out for services since Monday morning.

"Tuesday was a beautiful day out," said Greene. "When it's nice out, I like to have the front doors open."

Greene believes it must have been that day someone walked through those front doors and stole two ciboriums, or bread boxes that hold the ceremonial wafers, and a chalice and paten.

The chalice and paten have been at the church for the last 100 years, taking with them countless stories and memories.

"All the weddings, all the funerals, all the baptisms, all the regular Sundays; all that gone," said Greene. "And I think that's what has people upset the most."

Greene estimates it will cost the church nearly $5,000 to replace the items with new silver.

Those who attend the church were stunned by the theft.

"Terrible to think that people would do that," said Melissa Holder.

"I hope whoever took it genuinely needed it, or thought they really needed it, and I hope it can be found," said Jane Knight.

Greene says he only wishes the person who did this had come in and asked the church for help instead of stealing.

"They're items," said Greene. "We have other ones that we can use. It's not really the dollar value of them, but what they were, and what they meant to this place."

Greene says they are hoping to install surveillance cameras in the near future.

He says while they have started to lock up the other items they have, they will continue to keep the front doors open to welcome whomever may be walking by.

If you have any information about where these pieces could be, you can contact Barrington Police.