By: Ellie Romano


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BRISTOL COUNTY, Mass. (WLNE) - A Rhode Island man previously convicted for brutally attacking two women is a wanted man again. 

Brian Jagielski, 53, of Tiverton was put on the Bristol County’s Most Wanted Fugitives list in August after skipping his arraignment in July.

While Jagielski was on the run, two of his former victims, Jennifer Blum and Nicole Gomes feared for their lives.

Now, they are speaking out for the first time, hoping their stories will keep Jagielski behind bars for good.

Blum met Jagielski when she was just 22-years-old in 1999. 

"I was with him for 13 years before I was able to get away from him," said Blum.

After years of enduring abuse at the hands of Jagielski, the final straw for Blum came in August 2014.

"He left a very horrific message on my then 12-year-old's voicemail explaining that he was coming to murder us and how he was going to do it," said Blum. "I knew that the next day if I didn't go and get help, that I wasn't going to be alive."

Blum pressed charges in August. Jagielski was convicted of 2 counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was sentenced to 2.5 years with 18 months to serve.

Gomes' story is very different. She met Jagielski online and only dated him for about six weeks, until one date in February 2014 ended in brutal violence. 

"He was strangling me. He was telling me he was going to kill me. I actually had to fight for my life that night," said Gomes. "He put my head through the wall. He broke my nose."

Jagielski was convicted in Gomes' case as well. He served 4 years in prison and was released in 2018.

"When he was released, it was very scary for all of us," said Blum.

"I told the Parole Board, if this man is released, I am fearful for any woman's life he comes in contact with," said Gomes. "I feel he will offend again."

Jagielski was a free man for a short time. In February, he was arrested again by New Bedford Police.

Officials said in January he strangled his girlfriend on multiple occasions in New Bedford and took her to the Freetown State Forest against her will and threatened to bury her there. He is also accused of slapping her, smashing a vase and holding a piece of its broken glass up to her throat while threatening to kill her. The incidents are all alleged to have occurred in January.

When Blum and Gomes heard about the recent incidents, they were saddened, but not surprised.

"If you stop letting him out, he can't continue to hurt people," said Blum.

Jagielski was scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court in July, but skipped town. Officials said he ran to Mexico.

"From Mexico, he was still calling in threats," said Blum. "He said he was looking for a fake passport and an ID to get back here and put me in a suitcase."

He was captured in early October and sent back to America. He's now in custody in Chicago.

"We are happy that he has been caught," said Blum.

Gomes and Blum hope sharing their horror stories will put an end to this violent cycle.

"We need to keep him behind bars this time. He cannot ever do this again," said Gomes.

The Bristol County DA's office is making arrangements to get Jagielski back to Massachusetts, where he will be arraigned in Superior Court.

He also faces a parole violation in Rhode Island. 

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