EAST GREENWICH, R.I. (WLNE) -- Students are reacting to accusations that an Advanced Placement student at East Greenwich High bought a teacher's guide online, and distributed questions and answers to fellow classmates ahead of a recent test.

Students say more than 20 students in that AP class were brought into administrator's offices this week.

But some aren't so quick to call it cheating.

"Teachers have always said, 'If a teacher's dumb enough to give a test that's already easily accessible online, then it's kind of the teacher's fault,'" said student Joie Deslauriers, "because it's a resource for a kid. They can find it easily online."

That's why she says she doesn't believe there should be strict punishment.

"To make it fair, I would say the teachers come up with a compromise," said Deslauriers. "I would say to teachers, just stop using tests that are online."

Others say they respect the accused student, but that cheating is cheating.

"I know he worked really hard to get where he is," said student Jack McMullen. "So I do feel bad for him, but the school has to do what the school has to do."

Some are not surprised that cheating is a significant temptation.

"A lot of pressure on students to do well," Deslauriers said. "I'm going into college soon, and colleges are so competitive now. And I feel like sometimes students just want the best grade."

School officials did not respond to our requests for comment.



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