There is a new secret code word being served up at bars around the world and it’s called the “angel shot.”

It originated from London and Garry Williams co-owner of; the Rosendale, the Strand, and Studio Lounge in Providence is the first in Rhode Island to offer it.

The angel shot is not actually a drink, but instead water and a code for "I need help."

If the shot is ordered straight up lets the bartender know you need an escort to your car.

If the shot is ordered on ice, it means you want that bartender to call you an uber or lyft, and if ordered with a lime it indicates you need someone to call police immediately.

Williams started offering the angel shot this month putting signs advertising the shot in the women's bathroom.

He eventually wants to offer the angel shot to everyone, claiming that while it originated for women, he believes it’s meant for all sexes.