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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): Eight people were arrested after police responded to a disturbance outside of LIT Lounge Nightclub on Saturday night, according to police. 

Police on the LIT Lounge Nightclub detail requested cars to respond to a large crowd of about 100 causing a disturbance as they exited the lounge on Broad St. 

Police say several people were becoming belligerent and showing violent and threatening behavior to police and other patrons in the street. 

Patrons were told by police to disperse from the area several times, but they continued to not comply with police orders, according to Providence Police. 

As a result, 8 people were taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct:

1. Omar Vasquez Vasquez (33)
2. Norma Mercedes (22)
3. Natasha Torres (20)
4. Eddy Mendoza (23)
5. Luis Baez (19)
6. Isamarys Segura (26)
7. Angel Estrada Baez (22)
8. Jarisa Colon (31)

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