A family in Cumberland is stunned to find a needle in their child's Halloween candy after the teenage girl bit down on it and immediately knew something wasn't right.

Michael Silva said his 13-year-old daughter bit into a Twizzler she got after trick-or-treating and noticed something hard inside the candy. That's when she noticed the needle and took a picture of it.

Her father, Michael Silva, now has the police involved and took to social media to warn parents to check their kids' candy.

"You look at it and she said look there's something hard in her candy. A needle," Silva told ABC 6 by phone. "The first thing that popped into my mind was I hope she didn't prick her tongue."

Silva said he's been living in Cumberland for 16 years and always goes trick-or-treating with his children in the same area. He decided to change things up this year and went to a new part of town.

"That's just a block party. They have people there everywhere," Silva said.

Silva said after the experience his family will be doing Halloween a bit differently from now on.

"My kid will never eat Halloween candy in their life," he said. "After this, we'll go trick or treating I'll throw it away and I'll go buy them [candy]."

Meanwhile, residents in Cumberland are both outraged and saddened to hear about the unfortunate experience.

"To hear something like that is very alarming," said Patty Katz, who lives in the neighborhood where Silva was trick-or-treating. "You can't undermind what people will do today."

Cumberland Police said they are investigating the report filed by Silva. The Deputy Chief said the department saw another similar case last Halloween.