As voters across the country hit the polls for Election Day, residents of Fall River will decide whether they want a new leader in town, after Incumbent Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested twice in the last year on federal charges.

Correia was first arrested after he was accused of defrauding voters out of his SnoOwl app, and then he was arrested in September for allegedly extorting marijuana vendors in the city.

Correia announced last month that he was taking a temporary leave of absence and was suspending his campaign for re-election.

Correia remains on the ballot along with School Committee Member Paul Coogan.

Correia was defeated by Coogan by a landslide in the September preliminary elections, but the two were set to face off Tuesday.

After Correia stepped aside, City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros announced a write-in campaign on the premise that she wanted to give people a choice.

Coogan has accused Viveiros of launching a campaign just to get Correia to win.

"I think shes going to split up his voting block. Those two are obviously working together on this so they can share their votes and we're going to be working on people who want to get Fall River moving in the right direction," Coogan said.

But Viveiros said she is running to win the election.

"I think a lot of the preliminary vote was a reflection of the difficulties the incumbent mayor was having," she said. " It would be impossible for the incumbent mayor to succeed in this election. He's not doing any campaigning."

Polls close at 8:00 p.m.

ABC 6 will have a full wrap-up of the results at 11:00.