By: Ellie Romano


Twitter: @ERomanoABC6

WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) - Police officers in West Warwick are investigating an assault that happened on Halloween night.

Detectives are looking for the person who threw a large rock at a car that was traveling down Washington Street. 

Michael Corvese of Warwick was driving with his wife and 10-year-old son in the car when a rock the size of a fist came crashing through his driver's side window.

"I felt this punch in my face," recalled Corvese.

He suffered a broken nose and received 10 stitches. Even with those injuries, Corvese calls himself lucky because he said it could have been much worse. 

"If we were down the road one or two seconds later, the rock would have gone through my son's window and he would've been hurt much worse than I was," said Corvese. "They could have killed me. They could have killed my family."

West Warwick detectives don't have any leads on who threw the rock.

Corvese wasn't able to get a look at the suspect and there were no surveillance cameras in the area. 

"I don't care who they are. They need to be held accountable," said Corvese.

Until a suspect is caught, Corvese wants other drivers to be cautious when behind the wheel.

"I just want everyone to be careful when driving at night in that area," said Corvese.

If you know anything about the case, you're asked to call West Warwick Police at 401-827-9007.

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