By: Ellie Romano


Twitter: @ERomanoABC6

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) - The former North Providence superintendent entered a plea in Providence County Superior Court admitting to stealing thousands of dollars from the town.

Bridget Morisseau accepted a plea deal late Friday morning on one count of embezzlement.

She was superintendent of North Providence Schools from July '17 - July '18. During that time she used her work credit card for personal expenses. She spent $9,434 on hotels, spa trips, airfare, Amazon purchases, and catering.

“Taking advantage of taxpayers by using public monies for personal expenses is not only illegal its offensive," said North Providence Chief of Police David Tikoian. "This type of behavior erodes the foundation of integrity and ethics citizens expect and deserve from those placed in positions of trust and responsibility, such as a school superintendent.”

As part of her plea, Morisseau will now have to re-pay the town the full $9,434 within one week.

She also agreed to admit to all the facts in the case and will be on probation for three years.

North Providence's mayor said he and the town council are now monitoring the school's spending closely.

"There has never been as much oversight on the school department's spending as there is today," said Mayor Lombardi. 

Lombardi said the embezzlement scandal was embarrassing for North Providence. He thinks Morisseau was right to take the plea and now the town can move forward.

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