By: Tim Studebaker

EASTON, MASS. (WLNE) – PFAS has been found in six of the seven wells that provide drinking water for the town of Easton.  It was discovered during testing as the town gets ready to replace one of their wells, according to a public report released by the town.

Valerie Frank from Easton says, "I think actually that Easton has really been on top of being ahead of it."

Frank has been researching PFAS since she underwent treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.

Frank says, "I was ill for almost two years, and so I became really interested in toxins and trying to clean up my home and trying to figure that out."

The report says PFAS are a group of manmade chemicals used in the manufacturing industry.  It says the chemicals are not yet regulated in drinking water.  Even so, the EPA suggests no more than 70 parts per trillion in drinking water, and Massachusetts may soon implement more strict guidance at just 20 parts per trillion.

Frank says, "I think that the numbers are probably much, much lower, where they should be, but I think it's important that we're moving in the right direction."

The new limit may mean you'll hear more about these chemicals in the future.  All of Easton's wells came in under the federal suggested limit, but two would fail the proposed Massachusetts limit.  The town is working with the state on next steps to take.  Meanwhile, concerned residents can purchase a special filtration system, and may be eligible for a rebate on their water bill up to $75.  That information is available through the town.

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