NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) - A Newport diner is serving up free Thanksgiving meals to those in need for the second year in a row.

Bishop's 4th Street Diner on Admiral Kalbfus Road is cooking seven turkeys and all the Thanksgiving sides for those less fortunate to stop in for a free meal.

"We've been reaching out to shelters, we've been passing out to schools that families that don't have places to go to. People that don't have nothing, come, and just enjoy a dinner and not worry about nothing."

Diner owner and Newport-native Steve Bishop runs the diner with his wife Vicky. The couple has given up their own holiday and dug into their own pockets to put on the day-long dinner.

"We feel for people that don't have what everybody else has. It feels great to know I can do this for people," said Bishop.

He said even his regular customers are pitching in to help. Over the past two months, they've collected around $500 in donations towards the diner's preparation costs. Bishop predicts spending over $1,000 on the meal.

The staff at the diner have also given up their Thanksgiving celebrations. They've all volunteered to work.

"It makes me feel good to help the poor and help the homeless. That's why we're here."

Waitress Kathy Garcia won't exactly be missing out on celebrating Thanksgiving with her son, as she's bringing him to work with her.

"He's gonna come in actually tomorrow and help out a little bit, do some bussing," said Garcia.

Last year around 60 people went to the diner for the free meal. Bishop said it was mostly homeless people in the area.

“We had people come in off the street cause they didn’t have no place to go and they saw that we had people here," said Bishop.

This year he's hoping for more than 150 people to walk through the diner's doors.

"They're lonely 365 days a year, so you know, to know that we can give them a day of love and food and people is just wonderful," said Garcia.

The diner will be serving the Thanksgiving meals from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday.

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