CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) -- Nothing says the holidays in Rhode Island quite like Fellini's Thanksgiving Pizza. The pie, chock full of Thanksgiving goodness, burst on the scene 12 years ago, largely by accident, after a staff Thanksgiving meal.

"I had some leftovers and we said let's throw it on a pizza and see what happens," said owner Kristy Knoedler. "A miracle happened."

Turned out it was delicious! With a few tweaks, it wound up on the menu the next year, but even Knoedler couldn't envision just how big of a hit it would be.

"Some people are ordering 12, 15 pizzas because all their friends are coming over for Friendsgiving, and some people are like this is my Thanksgiving, this is what we have," said Knoedler.

So what's on this Turkey Day treat, you ask? They start with mozzarella cheese, then add dollops of mashed potato and plenty of stuffing. Each pizza gets a pound of house-made turkey, then a healthy helping of gravy. A few minutes in the oven, and you've got Thanksgiving perfection.

On Wednesday, they repeated that process about 1200 times. They've got it down to a science, with customers picking up pizzas at 15-minutes intervals, most of them advance orders.

"We started taking orders the first day of fall, and we actually put extra people on that day, just to answer phones," said Knoedler.

Some customers are shocked to find out they've been sold out for weeks.

"These people get angry with us," said Knoedler.

Dave Allaire from East Greenwich has been a Thanksgiving Pizza fan for years, but says eating it is an art unto itself.

"You kind of have to use the two-hand method or fold it in half. If you fold it in half you probably are getting the best turkey dinner experience because you're getting the ingredients in a combined area like that," said Allaire.

Following the big Thanksgiving Eve rush, Fellini's is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but if you missed out on the Thanksgiving Pizza, there's always next year! 

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