PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) -- Organizers of the Rhode Island Family Turkey Trot say this year more than one thousand people ran, one of the most well-attended in the organization's history.

For some, the Turkey Trot is as important a Thanksgiving tradition as -- well, turkey itself.

"It really puts us in the Thanksgiving spirit," said Dan Jordan of Hopedale, dressed in a full-body turkey costume. "The weather, getting active, and then we're ready for a little Turkey after."

Others say they're finally making it happen for the first time this year.

"I told myself I would do it for years," said Roxanne James, a Providence native who now lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. "And now I'm finally getting it off my bucket list."

The race draws some serious runners, but for many, speed is not the goal.

"It's a great mix of people who run all the time, and people who are just trying it for the first time," said organizer Siobhan Breagy.

"It's not about whether you're last, first," said Caitlin Paredes, a Cumberland native who now lives in New Hampshire. "Just finishing the race, even just showing up is for a great cause."

The cause this year is the Pawtucket Soup Kitchen. Runners dropped off donations before hitting the race.

"On a day like Thanksgiving, where everybody has tons of food, they're eating with their families, and some are less fortunate than others," Paredes said. "And it's just a great cause to give food to people who don't have it on this day."

The Pawtucket Soup Kitchen is looking for donations and volunteers. Visit or call (401)-258-4616 to help.



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