WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WLNE) --In Woonsocket, people were making last–minute runs for things like gas and saying goodbye to warm weather.

"Unfortunately I have to garage my car," said Bill Almeida of Woonsocket. "Because anybody who has a sports car knows you can't drive it in the winter. Oh, well. But we have an SUV to back up. So we’re good.”

Jackie Lagrave of Woonsocket was hoping not to get behind the wheel at all, after she nearly died in an accident last winter.

"My whole car just started going like this right across 295," said Lagrave, indicating that her car was spinning out of control. "Soon as I regained control of the car, a tow truck hit me. So the highways are the worst."

On the roads, it was a busy first day of the season for snow plow drivers.

"Stay off the road to give us a chance to get out there and clean it up for you, so it can be safe for you," said Louie Martins of Woonsocket.

In Providence, people were doing their best to get winter–ready.

"Just getting our salt, our shovels, and just making sure our house is weatherized, as far as windows and just staying warm," said Beverly D'Oliveira of Pawtucket.

Some were scrambling to get the supermarket -- only to find empty shelves.

"So bananas and lettuce are gone," said Ben Chilson–Parks of Providence. "And no bread. That shelf was completely empty."

The storm arrived just as people were traveling home from their Thanksgiving trips.

It took Diana Fox ten hours to get back from Washington D.C., and she says she even got in a fender–bender.

"The roads were pretty bad for a while there," Fox said. "It was a long day. But it's all worth it. It's Thanksgiving."


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