Bike Helmets

Did you know that helmets reduce the risk of a head injury by up to 70%? if you are a cyclist, it should be pretty obvious that bike helmets should be a part of your bicycle gear.

However, it seems that according to many cyclists, it is not. According to research, 54% of cycling fatalities were related to not wearing helmets.

Even if you are a great cyclist, it takes that one small mistake by a motor vehicle that could end your life. Wearing a helmet in these circumstances could make the difference between life or death for you, don’t become part of that awful statistic.

So, what is it about bike helmets that can protect you so well? There are other reasons to wear a helmet besides saving your brain (and your life).

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of wearing bike helmets.

1. Protects Your Face As Well

In the unfortunate circumstance of a bicycle accident, your head and face are one of the first body parts to become injured. We already spoke about how helmets protect your head, but they can also save you from facial damage as well.

There is nothing more embarrassing than a giant scar on your face, so wear your helmet and you will decrease the odds of that happening. If you experience an accident, do not panic, there are many great lawyers who specialize in cyclist accidents, learn more about this firm by checking their website.

2. Protects You From Bad Weather

If you use a bicycle as your main form of transportation or do not like to let the weather stop you from exercising, you already know about the weather you can be exposed to.

A helmet can protect you from UV damage from the sun, it can also act as a shield from heavy rain, snow, and hail.

3. Set a Good Example

Children, especially teenagers, love to do what they believe looks “cool”. So if wearing a helmet does not look good, they will risk their lives to keep that look.

By you wearing a helmet, you are setting a good example to everyone else that wearing a helmet is the right thing to do on a bike, whether it looks “cool” or not.

4. Part of Your Bicycle Fashion

Bike helmets are a great way to show off your self-expression. For example, if you love animals, wearing a helmet with animal prints is a great way to show your passion!

If you are a regular cyclist, there are specific helmets that are more aerodynamic than others, providing you a faster and smoother ride.

5. Allows You to Be Seen

Riding in the dark can be quite dangerous, especially if the area is not well lit. In some cases, your lights and reflectors may not do the trick, so thankfully, some bike helmets have built-in reflectors.

Having the reflector on your head can make a major difference if you are seen by a person driving a motor vehicle or not.

Learn More About the Benefits of Bike Helmets

Now that you know how bike helmets can save your life, and more, we hope you are not going to forget wearing them again while on the road. This is one safety statistic that you do not want to become a part of, so take care out there!

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