By: Ellie Romano


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SEEKONK, Mass. (WLNE) - Three women were sent to the hospital after being struck by a car in Seekonk.

According to officials, the incident happened just after 1:30 p.m. on Thursday in the Ocean State Job Lot parking lot.

Witnesses said a silver SUV floored it in reverse, went in a circle, and then hit three women who were standing on a nearby curb.

Police have identified the driver as 76-year-old James McAleer.

McAleer is facing several motor vehicle charges in relation to the incident.

"He just continued going backwards and hit everybody and everything in his way," said witness Alison Williams.

"It was just terrible. It was the scariest thing. He went so fast," said witness Lisa Williams.

One of the women hit was pinned under the car. Witness Lisa Williams waited with the victim until first responders arrived.

"The woman under the car just kept saying 'take the car off me. Please have someone take the car off me,'" recalled Lisa Williams. "I was just trying to comfort her and rub her shoulders."

Seekonk police used airbags to lift the vehicle off the woman.

All three women were transported to the hospital for what police described as "serious, but not life threatening, injuries."

"It was an awful scene," said witness Alison Williams.

She said it was an elderly man who was driving the SUV.

"He doesn't seem to have any concept of what just happened or what he had just done," said Alison Williams.

The injured women have not been identified by police. 

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