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CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE): A string of attempted break-ins in Cumberland appears to be connected after several neighbors captured the suspect on their ring cameras. 

One homeowner on Gavin Street woke up early Monday morning and checked his Ring Camera app after hearing a disturbance. 

"I saw an intruder walking across my lawn towards the vehicle," Arnie Walkin's said. "He tried to open the door but there was no success so he continued down the street."

Other residents also captured what appears to be the same man on their security cameras. The man is seen wearing a gray backpack with a white-label, leading people to believe the neighborhood lurker is the same guy. 

Holly Johnson is one of the neighbors who caught the man on her doorbell camera, walking down her front yard steps on Donald Avenue.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous also captured a man in the McCourt area, walking in his mother-in-law's driveway, checking the car. 

"My mother in law walks her dog at 6:15 every morning and as you’ll see in the video she would have walked right out into his path which is very scary," he said. 

Katie Bigos, a resident on Gavin Street, said break-ins are common in her neck of the woods, which is why she is looking into installing security cameras. 

"They tend to go after people who don't lock their car doors," Bigos said. "I always make sure mine are locked. but now they're starting to go towards the houses."

This suspect has been hitting homes in the early morning hours. 

My daughter starts her car in the morning at 6 a.m. when it's cold and now she doesn't want to do that," Bigos said. 

The Chief of the Cumberland Police Department is aware of the recently attempted break-ins and are investigating.