By Josh Faiola


Twitter: @ABC6

NEW BEDFORD, MASS (WLNE) - After a 3-day trial, a Middleboro man was convicted by a jury of his peers for violently assaulting his girlfriend on January 9th. 

Joseph Loring, was convicted of assault and battery and was sentenced to serve two-and-a-half years in the Bristol County House of Corrections: the maximum sentence. 

On March 4 of 2018, the New Bedford Police were dispatched to a Chicopee Street home for a domestic violence incident. 

Police say the couple had been dating for about 3 months and were essentially living together at the time. 

According to the department, the couple got into an argument ensued after Loring,s girlfriend was allegedly looking at other men at the bar of a fast-food restaurant. 

Loring's girlfriend locked herself in a room upon their arrival at home, but he kicked in the door and slammed her head into the tile floor, Police say. 

Police also say that after she threatened to call the police, Loring pushed her into the bathtub and attempted tp scald her with hot water. 

Only after promising she would not call authorities, she left the home, at that point she dialed 911. 

Police documented the broken door frame, and her injuries, which included a bloody forehead, a half-inch cut above her nose and swelling on her head. 

Loring has previously been convicted seven times for violating restraining orders and once for malicious destruction of property.

"I am pleased the jury held the defendant accountable for this violent assault against the victim, which injured her. Based on the defendant's criminal record, the maximum jail sentence was warranted," said District Attorney Quinn.  

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