PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) - Tuesday marked day five of the murder trial for the man accused of killing a Pawtucket man nearly seven years ago.

Juan Gibson is on trial for the murder of Jeffrey Lebrun, 41, who was shot dead in his Pawtucket home in 2013 after a home invasion.

The 12-person jury got to take a closer look at the scene of the crime Tuesday, taking a school bus to the Dawson Street neighborhood along with defense attorneys and prosecutors, and Superior Court Justice Kristin Rodgers.

Gibson was linked to the crime in 2019 through DNA evidence.

Prosecutors are trying to prove that Gibson not only killed Lebrun in July of 2013 but that he also is responsible for the home invasion and burglary at the Lebrun residence two months prior to the killing.

He was arrested in 2014, a year after the murder, for the March 2013 home invasion, after his DNA was found on a sweatshirt a neighbor found in their yard after the crime.

Prosecutors said Gibson was aware that Lebrun had a lot of cash and marijuana in his home, and that was the motive behind the home invasions.

During the trial, prosecutors revealed that Gibson's girlfriend was friends with one of Lebrun's stepdaughters, and he learned about Lebrun's medical marijuana dealings through her.

Gibson's defense attorneys have argued that if their client was responsible, then Lebrun's widow and stepdaughter wouldn't have still remained friends with him. They've also said that Gibson's DNA was not an exact match, but a match to a male in his family.

In court Tuesday, Pawtucket Police Detective Charles Devine took the stand, recounting his run-in with Gibson before his first arrest.

He said he and two other officers responded to Gibson's Johnson Street home on March 26, 2019, when they were alerted that Lebrun's widow had stopped by the home.

Devine said Gibson got out of his car and seemed to be looking for an escape when the officers started asking him questions.

"Individuals that we confront as law enforcement either comply, immediately start answering questions. Some, give that fight or flight."

Devine had no intention of arrested Gibson for the home invasion and burglary that day until he saw how he acted when they approached.

"He was in that stance, his hands were in front of him, his head down... and we're trained to learn that the head goes down to protect the neck, it's almost an instinctive thing," said Detective Devine.

The trial is expected to continue for several more days, as family members and a DNA expert are expected to take the stand.

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