Stranger foots bill for nurse with stolen car tires and rims

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): A complete stranger is fronting the bill for a nurse who had her tires and rims stolen right off her car.

ABC6 News first told the story on Monday after a nurse at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence finished her shift when she made the shocking discovery.

Karen Arpin has been on the front line of the pandemic, not only as a nurse in the emergency room but a sergeant in the Rhode Island National Guard.

Arpin told ABC6 News she had to pay the insurance deductible herself because the hospital wouldn’t. That’s when a viewer and stranger saw our story and decided to pay it forward.

“You think right away, this is a person who has been protecting us this entire pandemic,” Ryan Benharris, an attorney in Fall River, said. “She is keeping us alive. She is literally saving the world at this job. She goes outside, and that happens to her. You don’t want¬† a person in that situation to think the actions of someone who made a bad decision is how the rest of us should reflect.”

Benharris does not want to say how much he paid but Arpin said she is extremely thankful and was never expecting this.

“It has restored my faith in society,” Arpin said.

The hospital does have 24-hour security. A spokesperson told ABC6 News they are working with police to enhance security footage from that night.

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