Student assaulted at Newport school

By News Staff


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NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) – A Newport student was taken to the hospital after being assaulted on school property Thursday.

According to the Office of the Superintendent, two Thompson Middle School students, both brothers, planned to attack a fellow student at the start of the school day.

The assault began with one brother hitting the victim with a bat, followed by the other brother jumping in and punching the victim.

 The altercation was quickly broken up by teachers and the community police officer that were in the hallway when the attack occurred.

The Superintendent’s Office said one of the brothers fled the building after the assault.

Both students were arrested and disciplinary action has been taken. The altercation reportedly stemmed from an argument between the students outside of the school.

The student that was assaulted was taken to the hospital and released to his parents.

No other students were involved or hurt.

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