Student sailors look forward to The Ocean Race

NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) — Newport is buzzing as we approach next week’s world famous Ocean Race.

Courtney Kingsley, an education programs manager at Sail Newport, has been speaking at local schools getting children pumped up for The Ocean Race.

“Show them the boats, and what they’ll be able to see, so their energy around this is amazing, their questions are very targeted,” said Kingsley.

Kingsley said the entire town is looking forward to Newport’s Eleventh Hour Racing Team sailing in on Wednesday.

“You walk by, and if anyone knows you’re working on the race or you’re wearing a shirt, they immediately come talk to you, like ‘How’s it going?’ ‘How’s the race?’ ‘It must be busy over there’ everyone is so excited,” Kingsley explained.

High school senior and sailor Jake Demos said he’s been looking forward to watching the sailboats race since the last Ocean Race in 2018.

“I definitely got a lot of enjoyment out of it, seeing the boats were very cool,” said Demos.

Demos said as someone who cares competitively, he knows the hard work that goes into the competition.

“For most people, I don’t think they understand what racing sailing entails, and following all the boats stories, as they’re coming around the world has been interesting for me to watch and see,” said Demos.

As a teacher, Kingsley said one of the biggest parts of The Ocean Race she’s looking forward to, is seeing children get inspired.

“There’s just so many opportunities for kids that the race shows them,” said Kingsley.

Newport’s Eleventh Hour Racing Team is already in their fourth leg on their way to Newport from Brazil. Next stop is Denmark before the final stop in Italy.

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