Students battle heat as they head back to school

By: Scott Cook


Twitter: @JScottCook

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — For several local school districts, Tuesday was the first day of class.

In addition to first–day nerves, students battled the heat.

“I’m telling [my son] to drink a lot of water,” said Becky DeStefano, a parent of a student at Francis Elementary in East Providence.

The school had the same idea, adding fans to class rooms and extra water–breaks to the schedule, to make sure kids stay hydrated this week.

“They are good in there,” said Francis Elementary parent, Scott MacDonald. “They keep the kids hydrated, they keep the classrooms cool. They’re real good about it."

But for some parents, that wasn’t enough.

"I wish they would have gone back after the holiday weekend,” said Jessica Ray, also a parent of Francis Elementary students.

“It’s way too hot and there is no AC in there. I wish they were staying home so we could have gone to the beach."

In West Warwick and Barrington, elementary schools are considering holding recess indoors if temperatures get too high.

The Taunton School District dismissed classes early due to the heat.

Although the first few days may be hot and sticky, most parents ABC6 spoke with, are thrilled school is back in session.

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