Students demonstrate against high-stakes testing

By: Samantha Lavien

Twitter: @samanthalavien

High school students protested at the Rhode Island State House Wednesday afternoon over a new high-stakes testing graduation requirement.

The students dressed as guinea pigs and lab rats. They said the outfits represent the way they now feel they are being treated.

In two days the Rhode Island Department of Education will release the results of the NECAP exam seniors re-took in the fall of last year. Those results will show how many students remain in danger of not receiving a diploma.

“I think it is so much pressure because I could do so well and then not pass one test. I got straight A's in middle school and struggled with the high stakes tested. I think it is not right and it is too much pressure,” said Nick Friend of the Providence Student Union.

Numerous state legislators joined the protest to call for a change to the testing policy.

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