Students seen gathering in crowds near Providence College on graduation weekend

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): Crowds of students were seen gathering outside on Eaton Street, known for off-campus housing for students near Providence College.

A viewer sent ABC6 News the video, which she says she took around 3 p.m.

The viewer does not want us using her full name but says she works as a home care nurse and has patients in that neighborhood so she was immediately worried when she saw the crowds.

Students are captured gathering in crowds more than 5, and many not wearing masks.

A graduation ceremony for Providence College will be held virtually on their website tomorrow at 11 a.m.

Steven Maurano, a spokesperson for the college, shared the following statement to ABC6 News:

Earlier today, a group of parents of PC seniors took it upon themselves to organize a parade down Eaton St. as a congratulatory send-off to seniors living in the neighborhood apartments who are having their degrees conferred tomorrow. (Our actual Commencement is postponed to October 31st, but the students’ degrees will be conferred tomorrow, officially making them graduates of the college.)
A parent called the College earlier this week to ask about organizing the parade and we told her that the College could not be involved in the parade nor could we sanction it. We asked her to contact Providence Police if this was something parents wanted to do.
As the parade took place, a large number of students living in the area turned out to watch it.  Many of them were not wearing masks nor were they practicing social distancing. While it is understandable that these students and their families were looking for a way to celebrate their graduation, they did not exhibit good judgement or the appropriate respect for the local community by disobeying Governor Raimondo’s executive order regarding how to behave in public during this pandemic.
On behalf of the College, I apologize to the Elmhurst and Smith Hill communities for their behavior.
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