Report: 12% of Pensioners Make More in Retirement

With a vote on pension reform in the House and Senate finance committees expected by the end of the week, one conservative think tank has released a report that shows 12% of retired public retirees make more money in retirement than they did when they were working.

According to the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, 3,298 retirees in Rhode Island are faring better in retirement, most of them were once employed by school districts.

“In Foster School District, 47% of their 19 retirees are getting more” Justin Katz, the author of the report said.

Katz says the data shows the condition does not increase over time with cost of living adjustments. He says the information suggests pension deals have been made in the past, but admits there's more investigating to be done.

When asked about the report at a union rally that drew thousands to the state house Tuesday night, retirees said it is not their fault they were promised these benefits; and therefore, they should not be taken away.