Sun brings Sandy’s damage to light in Narragansett

By Abbey Niezgoda

The sounds of aftermath took over the coast of Narragansett Tuesday, after the sounds of Sandy whipped through the waterfront community.

“The ocean started coming over the wall and it felt like my walls were breathing,” Rachel Weisz-Smith said.”So we left.”

For those who did not leave, they woke up to no power and no windows on a local restaurant. The Coast Guard House is known for its seafood chowder and its ocean views, but it took a beating during Sandy, leaving behind just a shell of what it once was along the beach.

“I used to eat here almost on a weekly basis,” Leo Sullivan said. “This is incredible. This is a landmark for the town and it is going to be a sad thing if they do not rebuild it.”

Officials have no choice but to rebuild and repair a chunk of the sea wall that collapsed during the height of the storm, bringing Sandy's waters dangerously close.

“The wall is not in tact anymore and we need all of this so the water does stay back there,” Tara Monroe said.

Crews are combing through the coastal community, scraping Sandy's debris back out to sea. They are thankful her mess is manageable.

“No power pretty much in the entire town, that was caused during that squall line that came through with the 80 mile per hour winds,” Narragansett Police Chief Dean Hoxsie said. “Other than that, we have faired fairly well.”

They hope it is well enough to bring the sandy beaches back to Narragansett now that Sandy is gone for good.