Sunny and Seasonable Stretch

Our current weather pattern is quite typical of the last days of Autumn. Winter officially begins Wednesday at 4:47pm with the solstice. Up to and including Wednesday will continue to be dry and seasonable with temperatures ranging from the upper-20s to the lower-40s. Then there is the end of the week… Thursday will be mostly cloudy and dry through the morning. Thursday afternoon there is a slight chance of showers, but rain is expected to develop Thursday night. The rain will be heavy at times through Friday, much like the rain storm last week. High winds will also be in play as gusts of 50-60 mph are possible. This time, the wind direction will be coming on from the southeast, piling up water along our south coasts. Combining this with an astronomical hi9gh tide Friday morning (7:15am), vulnerable coastal areas could see moderate flooding. The storm clears by Saturday and temperatures will become starkly colder. Christmas weekend morning lows will be in the teens with wind chills in the single digits.

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