Sunshine for Mother’s Day

High pressure will move in tonight.

As a result, look for clearing skies and cooler temperatures as we bring in air from the northwest.

Overnight lows will drop to near 50 to start early Sunday.

With a day of sunshine temperatures will warm well into the 60s.

Be sure to use the sunblock Sunday as the UV Index will be very high.

We are at the start of a prolonged dry stretch and as a result, we have a couple of concerns to look out for.

First, we won’t get real relief from the high pollen numbers until we can get a good round of rain in here and that’s not in the forecast through this week.

Another item is the high UV Index expected daily this week. Sunblock was made for weeks like this one.

Another item of concern has to do with Tuesday.

Tuesday will be the warmest day of the week ahead with highs in the upper-70s.

It will continue to be very dry and winds Tuesday will be gusting higher than 30 mph.

As a result, we could see a fire weather danger where conditions make brush fires easy to start, quick to spread and difficult to contain.

Winds relax mid week and the dry days continue on right through Friday.

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