Suspect in Dartmouth murder held without bail

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — Robert Rose, 48, of New Bedford was arraigned Friday in the shooting death of Joseph Tavares, 37, of Fall River. Rose was ordered held without bail after being arrested Thursday night.

Rose did not enter pleas to charges of murder and lying to police.

“This is another pointless drug related killing,” said Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn.

Prosecutors say the Rose and Tavares texted each other about meeting in the parking lot of the Regency Hotel in Dartmouth Saturday night. That’s where Tavares was found shot to death in his car.

“The defendant was known to the victim, they had a relationship that revolved around drugs, and the victim was essentially dealing cocaine and marijuana,” said prosecutor William Macauley.

Prosecutors say they have surveillance video of Rose parking his car at Kohl’s in Dartmouth, then walking over to meet Tavares outside the hotel.

“When someone sees something on tape, it’s embedded in their mind, and we feel it’s critical to solving these cases,” said Quinn.

A defense lawyer raised doubts Friday about how reliable that video is, and whether it does in fact show Rose. But prosecutors say the motive is clear.

“Clearly there were drugs in the car, that certainly may have been a motive, a potential robbery,” said Quinn. “It appears that he owed the victim money.”

In the courtroom Tavares’ family cursed out rose. A relative of Rose’s called the killing “payback.” Tensions spilled outside into the court parking lot, where families of Rose and Tavares clashed.

Rose is due back in court January 25th.

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