Suspect wanted in Johnston police chase

By: News Staff


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JONHSTON, R.I. – Police are searching for man who led police in a vehicle pursuit Tuesday afternoon.

Sources tell ABC6 News they are looking for 40-year-old Shawn Cornwall, who fled the scene of a motor vehicle stop on Plainfield St. around 2:30 p.m

Cornwall was seen traveling east on Plainfield St., and when another police unit was travelling west on the same road to assist the chase, Cornwall swerved his vehicle directly at the officer.

The officer had to pull off the road into the breakdown lane to avoid being struck, authorities say.

Providence Police as well as Rhode Island State Police were soon notified of the situation when the chase continued into Providence.

Officials say, while in Providence a female passenger jumped out of the vehicle while it was moving on Gray Street; Cornwall did not stop.

The vehicle operated by Cornwall was soon found in Providence without him inside.

Johnston Police say an arrest warrant was drafted for Cornwall on the following charges:

  • Felony Assault with Vehicle, Eluding an officer-Misdemeanor,
  • Operating without a License-Misdemeanor.

The female passenger was treated for minor injuries.

Anyone with information on Cornwall’s whereabouts can contact Johnston Police at: 401-231-4210.

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