Suspicious apartment fire in West Warwick

By Dana Griffin

WEST WARWICK, RI- Residents in West Warwick were forced out of their apartments after a fire damaged their building. Many say this wasn't an accident.

Around 9:30 Saturday night, the back side of one of the Remington Pond Village buildings was on fire.

“I got back at midnight and saw all the cop cars and fire trucks so um, I heard, found out this morning that it was arson,” said displaced resident, Mitchell Berman.

It took firefighters an hour to put out the flames. So far, arson has not been confirmed by investigators.

But whatever ignited the fire, it's caused a lot of frustration for Berman. He and his family spent the day cleaning out his water-damaged condo; throwing away bags of clothes and other items.

Berman said, “Apparently the attic is completely destroyed and everything. They have to rewire it and everything.”

For now, he's staying at his parent's house until he's notified that it's safe to move back in. He's not sure how long that will take.

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Firefighters found a dumpster on fire behind a nearby restaurant during the same time.