Swansea Mall on the auction block as closure draws near

By: Amanda Pitts



SWANSEA, Mass. (WLNE) – The Swansea Mall is officially on the auction block.

Carlyle Development Group, the owner of the mall, put the property up for sale through an online auction. The starting bid is $1.4 million.

“I’m sad to see it go, it was there for many many years,” said Mary Anne Tuttle of Swansea.

Residents think the possibilities for the mall are endless.

“I’d like to see some housing maybe put in there, some low income,” said Mikki Scully of Dighton.

“Actually, I would like to see the town take over. I think it would be great. One of our selectmen has recommended that,” said Tuttle.

That selectman is Christopher Carreiro. He believes the possibilities are actually restricted thanks to Walmart.

“You can’t have grocery, you can’t have entertainment, recreation, you can’t have a bowling alley.”

Carreiro said the auction includes everything except the old Apex site.

“They’re excluding a piece of the mall that is physically connected to the mall from this transaction,” said Carreiro.

It’s those stipulations that Carreiro thinks might scare away potential buyers.

But he’s hoping one will bite and turn the mall into a mixed-use development with entertainment, housing, and a new Town Hall.

Anything to keep the Swansea Mall from sitting empty.

“On March 31st, the lights are out and that is it. We do not want this community’s façade to be a blighted mall. We’re better than that.”

The auction starts April 15 and ends April 17. 

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