Sysco truck drivers go on strike in Warwick

Sysco drivers on strike outside of Buckhead Beef in Warwick, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2022. (WLNE)

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Sysco truck drivers went on strike in Warwick on Tuesday.

The strike took place at Buckhead Beef, a distribution center owned by Sysco.

“We’re actually having the customers come here and actually put the items in their personal vehicles. And drive wherever, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, to their restaurants,” said Justin, who has been a driver for Sysco 19 years.

“Get us back on the road and service these customers the right way, so they don’t have to throw chicken and frozen foods in the back of their truck,” he added.

Drivers from the Plympton warehouse have been on strike since Oct. 1., calling on New England’s wholesale food distributor to provide fair labor practices, better wages, healthcare, and other benefits.

“To have these things is a necessity. With the economy the way it is, we are just trying to play catch up right now,” added Justin. “Some of these guys have been here 25 to 30 years.”

Justin said the workers were shocked “to be scraped off like something on the bottom of their shoe, it was unprecedented.”

The food distributor serves nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.

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