T.F. Green Airport prepares for uncertainty amidst storm, holiday travel

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — As Christmas approaches, Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport is preparing for a storm approaching Southern New England as well.

John Goodman, vice president of media and public relations for the airport, said airlines are already taking steps to get ahead of the wind and rain.

“They are proactively offering vouchers for people to fly at other times,” said Goodman. “People of course need to keep in mind if they have connecting flights in Chicago or New York or other cities. It really only takes one domino to cause some disruption.”

Rhode Island is expecting heavy wind and rain arriving Thursday evening. Freezing temperatures are also expected over the weekend.

Flights from Washington, D.C., Wednesday were already delayed over an hour due to the storm.

“The Southwest terminal was packed,” said Nick, returning home from Washington, D.C. “Definitely a lot of flights all trying to get out at the same time. I think it’s probably a lot of people that were trying to get out before the worst of the storm comes through over the weekend.”

Other travelers already heard horror stories of travel across the country.

One traveler from Ohio explained, “We have some friends whose mom is coming up from Florida, and she’s flying into Columbus on Friday. So, she’s really nervous how she is going to get her mom if there are any kind of weather problems.”

Southwest Airlines reported nearly 13% of their nationally scheduled flights for Thursday and Friday were already canceled.

T.F Green said they have already prepared for an uncertain weekend — on top of holiday travel.

Goodman ended, “We have cots, we have blankets, we have pillows. We try to accommodate everyone in-state or out. We just ask everyone to pack their patience.”

The airport reported no cancelled flights due to weather Wednesday.

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