T.F. Green reopens after unfounded threat Friday morning

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — T.F. Green International Airport was shut down for two hours Friday morning after a threat was made, that police later deemed incredible.

Officials said 911 calls came in around 11 a.m., warning about a potential threat at TF Green airport in Warwick.

Traffic in and around the airport came to a standstill, with no flights in, no flights out, and no one getting off their planes.

Police closed off nearby roads, and people in the area told ABC 6 News that officers had their weapons drawn while they were sweeping the lot.

“With no explanation, when we came over the connector, we were diverted with no idea where to go. We circled around the parking garage and came here. It was all blocked off. Every officer there was filled, they had their guns drawn, machine guns, dogs, K-9 squads, and you could see snipers,” explained Jeri Levesque, who was dropping her aunt at the airport.

Two hours later, police cleared out, saying the threat wasn’t credible, and operations could return to normal.

Travelers told ABC 6 that pilots did a good job keeping things calm as they were stuck on the tarmac.

“A solid hour and a half, maybe two hours,” says Ashley Coldren, who was stuck on her flight during the lockdown.

“It’s stressful and exhausting, but it also just reminds me to be grateful. I mean, the pilot did a good job and kept us safe, so I’m grateful for that, but we’re very tired,” Coldren continued, looking back on the experience.

The Federal Aviation Administration says Labor Day weekend is expected to be the third busiest weekend of the year.

While flights weren’t moving during the lockdown, there were still concerns about travelers missing connecting flights among other issues.

“You have a lot of anxiety about not knowing because the airlines are not connecting with you in any way at all,” said Jeri Levesque.

“We were just told it was an active shooter, stay in place. We stayed right here, and as far as the commotion and the delay, we’re certainly thinking that my aunt will get on her plane since there’s been nothing going in and out of the airport since we got here.” they continued.

Travelers were told to check with airlines regarding any possible delays.

Travel at T.F. Green has since resumed and it’s unclear where the threat came from and what the penalty will be when police find a suspect.

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