T-shirt company ready to print AFC Championship t-shirts

By: Chelsea Priest


Winter is generally the slow season for Cool Air Creations
and Smithfield.
But being one of only a few licensed shops to print AFC Championship t-shirts,
the company has the plan in place for a potentially hectic weekend.


Ian Day is the automated print shop manager at Cool Air
Creations. He says, “Sunday we'll be here for probably about half time and
everyone will get together and listen or watch the end of the game and if they
win we'll start printing and if they don't we'll go home.”


And after a season of nail biting games that game down to
the last second, workers know they have to wait for the clock to hit zero
before they start printing. Day says, “We always have to wait until the very
last second because anything can happen!”


Dozens of boxes are in the shop filled with the t-shirts
ready for printing. The only clue they could give away is that the shirts are
navy blue, the logo is top secret.


And don't be fooled for knock-offs, these t-shirts are the
real deal. This is the same company that printed the official World Series t-shirts.


Day explains, “Official t-shirts are a special design, they'll
have little flaws here and there throughout that not a normal person would
notice but we will and they come with a foil holograph sticker on every single


The company is scheduled to print 6500 t-shirts if and when
the pats win on Sunday, the plan is to work through the night to get them


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