Taco Bell expands recycling program to include all sauce brands

This is a photo of Taco Bell hot sauce packets. (Taco Bell)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Taco Bell announced on Monday that it will be expanding its recycling program to include all condiments brands, not just its signature hot sauces.

With the expansion of the program, consumers can now collect any empty sauce packets and mail them to TerraCycle, according to a press release.

The recycling company, headquartered in New Jersey, will award “points” to those who ship used sauce packets.

The points will be donated to nonprofits, schools, offices, or charitable organizations picked by the consumer.

Those looking to de-clutter their draw full of unused sauce packets can head over to the TerraCycle website and sign up for a free shipping label.

Once received by TerraCycle, the sauce packets will be cleaned, melted down and remolded into new material.

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