Taking “bucket” out of Pawtucket

By Dana Griffin



PAWTUCKET, RI- It's an unsettling look at abandoned mills and factories that show just how much the city of Pawtucket has declined since the Industrial Revolution; a city often called “The Bucket”.

“When I hear bucket I think nastiness. It's just gross; some parts not all,” said Duane Fortes.

Gerard LeBlanc works in Pawtucket. He said, “Jeez, I don't know… Bucket… I guess I think of Pawtucket.”

In an effort to change the stigma of being a dirty, run down city, creative minds at Pawtucket's Axion Media Lab have created an attention–grabbing video, part of their plan to turn the city around.

“Kind of lead by example; we're treating this city like a place to be respected and we hope other people will see the same. Start picking up that trash, and start looking at their lives and reevaluating how they can be a better citizen here,” said studio manager, Ron Augustus.

The movement has been promoted on social media by the fictitious mayoral candidate played by Ron Augustus.

“His name is Axion Jackson and he's part of the company. It was just like a ridiculous character we thought would bring attention to the city,” said Augustus.

Although it may look like a joke, the group takes the movement very seriously. They ultimately want to bring more people and businesses to Pawtucket and highlight its hidden gems like the Hope Artiste Village that contains retail shops, but doesn't get much traffic.

Flower shop owner, Tish Bodell Hopkins said, “I think that the Hope Artiste Village is the best kept unfortunate secret. People really need to know about it. There's some amazing talent in this building.

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