Tale of two storms

By Dana Griffin



NEW BEDFORD, MA- Forceful winds spiraled snow in New Bedford. The blizzard–like conditions made it hard to see anything other than white.

All you can do is just grin and bear it,” said Dan DuPont. Neighbors digging out cars Sunday are used to the bitter cold.

Russell Mcafee said, “I ain’t got no aspirations to move to Florida yet.”

But some aren’t happy with their streets. Some roads look as they though haven’t been touched.

“One plow came last night around quarter after 9 and then we had another one around 10:30 this morning; didn’t really do much except get another snow bank on the corner there.”

I reached out to Mayor Jon Mitchell who had an explanation for the snow covered streets.

“It’s been a tale of two storms. There was intense snow fall last night for several hours, sticky snow and then it stopped,” said Mitchell.

That’s when the city plowed streets but a second round dumped another 10 inches early in the morning.

Mitchell said “We’re working very hard to get rid of it all and I encourage people to stay inside because that’ll make it easier for us to get rid of it all.”

New Bedford has already overspent its entire snow budget of $350,000. After this storm’s totals and a pending storm later this week– the city will have spent nearly half a million dollars.

If they can’t get federal or state reimbursement they’ll have to tap into other city funds.

“We prefer not to be doing that but under the circumstances we don’t have that many choices” said Mitchell.

State trucks have come to the city to help remove snow. They have three dump sights that are piled so high that snow may still be here in the spring.

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